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Sleep Easy Mattress

With a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Every since I was in my twenties I have had a lower back disorder causing me to have a sleeping problem. Without correct support of my back I wasn’t able to fall asleep easy and get a full night’s rest. I would wake up during the night with pain until I bought a memory foam mattress topper. With this great invention all pressure points with my body were supported.

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Pressure points are the areas on the body that press hardest into the bed. For example, if you like to sleep on your side, your shoulder is your biggest pressure point. Normally, it endures much of the weight of your upper body. A sleep easy mattress topper with memory foam allows your shoulder to sink deep into the pad, while your hips and other areas are still supported. Not only does this eliminate pressure points that cause restless sleep, numbness and poor circulation, it also has huge benefits for the spine, allowing your back to be aligned naturally, which reduces aches and pains.

Take a look at your mattress. Sleeping about 3,000 hours a year, the right sleep mattress is an important decision. Do you roll to the middle, wake up in pain or feel the coils when lying in bed? Maybe it’s time to get a memory foam mattress topper. For one, it’s a lot less expensive than buying a brand new mattress.

Memory foam mattress topper cover comes in different sizes; memory foam mattress topper twin size, the memory foam mattress topper queen size and the memory foam mattress cover king size. Also they have various thicknesses; a 4inch memory form mattress topper and a memory foam 3 inch mattress topper.  The cost for a full vs queen size bed topper can vary depending on the manufacturer, the thickness and the area in which you live.

Developed for NASA in the 1970’s, it was created for the astronauts’ flight chair to help reduce the pressure points caused by the G-forces created during lift off. Year’s later memory foam was used in hospitals and not long after that was sold publically. A Novaform memory foam mattress topper is made of visco-elastic layers of space age material that allows equal weight absorption all the way through no matter how much a person weighs.

Novaform elite memory foam mattress topper can reduce the level of movement to only that part of the bed. This memory foam mattress pad topper is scientifically designed to disperse waves of motion. Although this limited bounce feature is a popular choice, it may not be the best for your specific sleep requirements. Another highlight, with modern technology and due to a common complaint, this visco elastic memory foam mattress topper moves heat away from the body by increasing airflow and therefore removing excess heat. Novaform mattress toppers are machine washable and come with a 10 year warranty.

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An extra advantage to a memory foam mattress topper it doesn’t provide a home for dust mites. You know those pesky, creepy mites that live in spring mattresses that cause allergies, respiratory problems and even asthma attacks. Since Novaform removes heat from the body and as a result not producing an area of high humidity in your mattress, dust mites are less likely to set up shop. Also they can’t nestle inside the pad and will have a harder time feasting on your dead skin cells and reproducing. Comforting huh? Note: In inches a 3 memory foam mattress topper is recommended.

Sleep Aid is another manufacturer of memory foam products. They feel that “mall” brands use an older process for making a memory foam mattress topper. The foam is poured in liquid form into trays and allowed to cool. Allowing the liquid foam to cool causes it to become denser from the top to bottom layers.

Sleep Aid uses a new upgraded technique of vacuum injection producing a vacuum chamber and ensuring a uniform density throughout its memory foam. Because of its density and chemical makeup other products can become hot especially if the temperature in your bedchamber is higher than 65 degrees. Sleep Aid has a HRCsystem. HRC stands for Heat Reduction Channels, and it involves a special finishing process that cuts deep ventilating grooves into the surface of the pad. This allows air to enter and circulate underneath the sheets, keeping you cooler.

Here is a memory foam mattress topper reviews:

Absolutely a MUST-HAVE if you cannot afford a memory foam mattress!

By Modern Blue Argonaut "Exploring our world one...

This is definitely my best purchase of 2005! I only wish I had purchased this sooner. I now get the best sleep of my life, I no longer suffer from hip pain in the a.m. and I feel warm and comfortable like I'm in a cocoon. One of the biggest complaints of memory foam is that it DOES absorb your body heat, which means you will be warmer when you sleep on this rather than directly on your mattress. I live in Florida, so that just means adjusting my thermostat and using a ceiling fan. It is a bit warmer, but not to the point where you sweat. It DOES smell of chemicals when you first open it. Just let it sit out for a day or two until the chemical smell disappears. That happens with all memory foam mattress toppers. This one IS about 1-2" short, but do your feet need memory foam? Do your feet extend to the very tip of your bed? Mine don't... the missing inch or two just means your sheets fit better. Best of all, this memory foam topper is not an environment where dust mites (or bed bugs) can live so it WILL help allergy sufferers greatly! I would especially recommend this to anyone on bed rest, anyone in the hospital, elderly people (they tend to have joint problems), allergy suffers, those with asthma, and ANYONE wanting the best night’s sleep of their life! This mattress topper will improve any mattress and I cannot imagine not having it. I will be buying one for each of my children this month as I am finally convinced of the benefits of memory foam!

WOW ...I'd say a memory foam mattress topper made a deep impression with him. :)

But I do agree that it has helped with my aches and pains and now I sleep like a baby all day.
Speaking of baby, there is a memory foam mattress topper for cribs too. Another product available is a memory foam pillow. When traveling I would recommend taking yours as an added health benefit.

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