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Full vs Queen Size Bed

Do you ever go to a hotel and they tell you all they have left is a room with two queen beds? Then when you get to the room you find out they are not queen beds but full size beds? Why don’t they know the difference between a full vs queen size bed? The queen size bed offers a larger space for couples allowing 30” each while a full only gives them 27” (which is about the width of a crib). The difference is significant as it gives the person room to turn over without having to worry about falling off. As far as cost, the queen mattress sells for more because you are getting more but the variance could be as little as $40.00 or as high as $1200.00 depending on the quality of the bed. Many couples prefer the queen mattress vs a full and the added space is worth the extra money in the long run because it will allow them to fall asleep easy and stay asleep throughout the night and every night for at least the life span of the mattress. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every five to seven years. But Consumer Reports magazine says a mattress can easily last 10 years or more if you treat it properly.

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If there isn’t a king bed available at the hotel as its dimensions are; 76” wide by 80” long I am truly disappointed when they give me two full beds. A full size bed is 53” wide and 75” long and can accommodate one person comfortably that is 5’5” or shorter. A queen bed is roughly 60” wide and 80” long and is far more comfortable for taller people and couples.

Comparisons between a full vs queen sized bed:

Full Bed

Disadvantage: Some people find the full bed too narrow for couples and too short for tall people.

Size: Full size bed dimensions: 54" wide x 75" long.

Surface Area: 4050 square inches.

Width per person: If two people share the bed the width be 27”.

Space economy: Doesn't take too much space in a room.

Cost: It is cost effective in  accordance to the size and bedding.

Usage: Full beds are better for single people.

Queen Bed

Disadvantage:  Even in the queen bed the space available for a couple is 30” each which can be less for everyday comfort.

Size: Queen bed dimensions: 60" wide, 80" long

Surface Area: 4800 square inches.

Width per person:  The width available would be 30” per person

Space economy: Doesn't occupy too much space compared to comfort.

Cost: It turns out to be a bit more expensive.

Usage: Queen beds are  in the hotel guest room.-right:( and spare bedrooms

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Enough space is an important consideration. This may be obvious to some of you, but couples should sleep on at least a queen size bed. No matter how in love you are, full-size mattresses are too narrow for two people and all the involuntary movement that occurs disturbs your sleep, reducing the duration and frequency of deep sleep that allows you to feel refreshed the next day and no one needs a grumpy, sleepy partner.  Can you charge the hotel for this?

The content provided in Full vs Queen Size Bed is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for you or your families sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.

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