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Memory Foam Crib Mattress

The arrival of a new bundle of joy is coming. You are in the midst of planning for your new baby when you realize that there are numerous options available when it comes to crib mattresses. Of course you want the best for your baby, a mattress that gives him the comfort and support he needs to fall asleep easy and (eventually) stay asleep all night , but determining what is the best is not always easy. It seems there are as many options available in crib mattresses as there are in adult bedding. Deciding between a memory foam crib mattress and a traditional spring coil mattress is not as simple as you may think.

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If you were shopping for a mattress for yourself you would probably purchase what felt the best to you. You might begin with a visit to the mattress supply store and even try a few mattresses out by sitting and laying on them. Then you would probably base your decision on multiple factors; the price, the quality and how the mattress feels to you. In all probability you would decide on a memory foam mattress.

When shopping for a crib mattress there are some decisions that should be addressed. First of all your baby will not be able to tell you which mattress feels better to them. Although you could base the decision on what feels best to you there are some issues to consider. Most importantly is the fact that your baby will weigh substantially less than you. This will definitely impact on the way a mattress will conform to her body as opposed to yours.

Before you get too involved or excited about purchasing a foam mattress for your baby make sure to ask about the type of foam it is made from. Some are made from polyurethane foam. That particular type of foam tends to give off gas formaldehyde as it breaks down. Some people have complained about the smell associated with this foam. The real concern is that can have a significant negative impact on the developing respiratory system of your baby.

One cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) may be from exposure to toxic chemicals being emitted from crib mattresses. Crib mattresses off-gas many toxic chemicals similar to adult mattresses (they are made from polyvinyl chloride [pvc], polyurethane, etc.). They also contain phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony compounds as preservatives and fire retardants. Toxic nerve gasses (phosphine, arsine, and stibine) can be emitted because of interactions with these chemicals and cause anticholinesterase poisoning and cardiac failure in infants. High levels of chemicals have been found in the blood and livers of babies who died from SIDS.  More information see: Baby Blankets and SIDS

Next up on the list of considerations is that of mattresses that are too soft. Your baby will not be able to lift her head or turn over at first. A mattress that gives too much can be dangerous and uncomfortable. It is usually wiser to go with a firmer mattress for a baby crib. You can find firm choices available in coil mattresses as well as foam styles. According to WebMD, Memory foam mattresses, as well as toppers and pillows, are acceptable for children over one year of age. Infants under one year can position their face on the soft material so that their airway passages are blocked and they suffocate. Even if their airway passages are not blocked in such a position, an infant can intake his own exhaled carbon dioxide, increasing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

One of the first things you’ll find when you’re shopping for a crib mattress is that not all mattresses on the market come in the standard baby mattress size. Most are manufactured to the standard dimensions of 51.625 inches by 27.25 inches, but some vary a little in length and width, and it’s extremely important for the safety of your child to select a mattress that fits your crib correctly. The thickness of a crib mattress varies depending on the mattress type and brand, but is typically between 4 and 6 inches, and should not exceed 6 inches.

Because this mattress will be used for a baby it is likely that you will be moving the mattress from time to time for cleaning and repositioning. Ease of cleaning a crib mattress should always be considered when making a purchase. With that thought in mind purchasing a lightweight mattress is a good idea. Memory foam mattresses work well for that. Be sure to get a mattress with an anti-bacterial, water-resistant cover.

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Although most needs can be met with either mattress choice it seems that foam mattresses are the best option for a baby crib. Not only can you purchase a mattress that will provide the support and comfort needed for your baby, but you will also find that it is easy to clean and reposition.

In fact, some come with an innerspring mattress on one side for the newborn and a toddler side that consists of the memory foam style mattress. This type of mattress offers the best of all things possible for your baby and because it will ‘grow’ with her it is a money-saver.

The content provided in Memory Foam Crib Mattress is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for you or your families sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.

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