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Coconut Water Health Benefits Sleep

Anxiety can affect our sleep and natural anxiety remedies are more readily available on the market than ever. Magnesium is a vital mineral and perhaps one of the most important natural remedy for anxiety because of its effectiveness, record of safe use, availability and value. Anxiety impairs our ability to fall asleep easy which can lead to many a sleepless night. Over time insomnia can develop which puts you at risk for other health problems such as; heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Although there are many anxiety medications, these medications only relieve the symptoms and are not a long-term solution. Coconut water health benefits sleep because it contains magnesium which naturally calms the nervous system and the muscles that help you to relax. More information about Coconut water see: Dr. Oz Show Stress Sleep and Weight Loss Tips

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If you have a magnesium deficiency it can worsen the symptoms of anxiety, as can sleep deprivation. Along with magnesium, calcium and potassium deficiency can cause psychological disorders such as depression, personality changes, hallucinations, confusion, seizures and even coma. Physical symptoms are muscle pain, restless leg syndrome (RLS), tremors or heart failure. Deficiencies in macrominerals are referred to as the “real silent killers” as six are required for the function of the brain, muscles, heart, bones and vital for the body’s cells. The six macrominerals are; sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium which are cations, chlorine and phosphorus that are accompanying anions.

Macrominerals are primary ions of electrolytes, the body uses electrolytes to maintain acid-base balance, fluid balance and for neurological, nerve and muscle function. Eating foods rich in magnesium (see foods rich in magnesium), is one way to correct your magnesium deficiency naturally. Magnesium, along with calcium and potassium is found in coconut water. What is the best coconut water brand?

According to CNN, coconut water which got its claim to fame due to many celebrities promoting it as the “new” health fad for being a way to stay hydrated. The nutritional value of coconut water is that it is filled with electrolytes like sodium and magnesium, the slightly sweet water has come to be seen as a natural alternative to sports drinks like Gatorade, ZYM or Vitalyte. (Sports drinks don't hydrate better than water, but you are likely to drink more, which leads to better hydration).

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According to a report just recently released by an independent health-product testing firm, the nutritional content of some coconut water brands don’t live up to what’s on their label. Researchers tested the sodium, potassium, magnesium and sugar content on three leading brands and found only one, Zico Natural, contained the stated amount of these four ingredients. (this is one Zico Natural coconut water recipe I found on their site) The sugar and potassium content of Vita Coco and coconut water O.N.E. matched their label, but the sodium and magnesium (two key nutrients for hydration) were much lower. Since having electrolytes are a main selling point, many consumers are not getting what they paid for.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t test nutrient content on foods and they don’t specify how companies should do so. Nor do they prohibit manufacturers from using average values if the nutrient content varies from batch to batch as long as the company is confident that the values obtained meet FDA's compliance criteria. These test results don’t mean that the consumer shouldn’t drink coconut water brands that have lower than expected electrolyte levels, the health benefits of coconut water is a low-calorie alternative to soda or fruit juice.

Zico touts their ZICO Natural is all-natural Pure Premium Coconut Water from Brazilian coconuts, for light-tasting refreshment and hydration. They hand-harvest their coconuts when the water inside reaches a peak level of potassium and the perfect balance of electrolytes. Captured 100% pure, it contains no fat, no added sugar and no cholesterol. One 14 oz bottle contains 27mg of calcium and 35mg of magnesium. Calcium and magnesium act as natural sedatives. It is recommended for those that need something extra to fall

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asleep at night to get 600 mg calcium and 250-500 mg magnesium. You may still have to add a daily supplement to meet your nutritional requirements, look for a calcium-magnesium combined supplement in a 2:1 ratio and take it in the evening or drink 7 ½ or more bottles of ZICO Natural Coconut Water! You may fall asleep, but you’ll be getting up all night going to the bathroom. ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Natural, 11.2-Ounce Tetra Paks (Pack of 12)Water) is available online or at a health food store.

Please do not take a supplement until you talk to your doctor as many supplements interfere with other medical problems or medications. He will also recommend the proper dose for your age, sex and medical history. For example, according to WebMD, the daily Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for elemental magnesium are; Age 1-3 years, 80 mg; 4-8 years, 130 mg; 9-13 years, 240 mg; 14-18 years, 410 mg (boys) and 360 mg (girls); 19-30 years, 400 mg (men) and 310 mg (women); 31 years and older, 420 mg (men) and 320 mg (women). For pregnant women age 14-18 years, the RDA is 400 mg; 19-30 years, 350 mg; 31-50 years, 360 mg. For lactating women age 14-18 years, the RDA is 360 mg; 19-30 years, 310 mg; 31-50 years, 320 mg.

Speaking of medication, anxiety medication has side effects and safety concerns least being that they can be very addictive. Most side effects from anti-anxiety medication include; low libido, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth and lack of focus to name a few. Drinking coconut water with magnesium, potassium and calcium is a safer solution to alleviate anxiety without side effects and it will help you to relax so you can fall asleep easy.

The content provided in Coconut Water Health Benefits Sleep is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for you or your families sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.

When purchasing a supplement on line it is recommended that you do not solely rely on the information presented. The information and statements regarding their products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. Therefore, they (the online distributor) and assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements made about the products.

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  1. To 'Kats Pajamas" -- Please do not post on Internet.

    Hello, I am a 68-year-old man. I 'was' in very good physical health. During July 2015, I developed a horrible sleeping problem; I also started drinking about 5 oz of coconut water each day, during the same month. This problem has gotten worse. It is now July of 2016! I still can't sleep! I have visited 6 doctors (different specialties) and 6 nutritionists. I have had many different blood tests -- Nothing.

    Could the 4 oz of coconut water, now every other day (during 2016), be contributing to my insomnia? Something is very wrong and the doctors "don't know!" I would greatly appreciate your input.

    Sincerely, CS