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You are Fat and Cannot Sleep a Book Review: The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Lose Weight through Better Sleep

So, you are fat and cannot sleep. Did you know when you cannot sleep it triggers a hormonal imbalance that causes you to eat more (especially at night) and you are less likely to burn off calories? Sleep deprivation changes your glucose metabolism that results in hoarding the calories by storing them as fat instead of burning them off as energy, in turn; you will produce more of the stress-hormone cortisol which is known to cause hunger. Research has shown even if you lose weight you will lose less fat if you do not get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep robs you of the valuable REM sleep cycle that burns calories.

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Sleep loss and sleep-hormone-weight-gain is more complicated with women. Estrogen may increase REM sleep which helps burn calories, but it can also lead to over-stimulation that makes falling asleep easy much more difficult. Progesterone can make you sleepy, but it can also cause you to feel fatigued during the day. Progesterone also can increase your appetite. So you are fat and cannot sleep, MICHAEL BREUS, PhD, D.ABSM, and a.k.a. The Sleep Doctor author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Lose Weight through Better Sleep released May 10, 2011 recommends; drinking more water which will flush out the extra sodium you consume and actually helps with water weight gain, take calcium and add magnesium, this combination acts as a relaxant and can increase the calming-hormone serotonin. Read more information about Magnesium and Sleep.

A small two week study with a group of dieters in which half of them spent a mere 5.5 hours of sleep and the other half slept at least 8.5, found that the light sleepers not only burned less body fat but they also lost more lean body mass. Muscle helps keep your metabolism ramped up so you can naturally burn more calories during the day. That’s not all, sleeping less showed they had higher levels of ghrelin in their system. Ghrelin is the hormone that induces hunger and triggers an energy-starved body to retain fat and calories. So remember, less sleep in addition to higher levels of ghrelin and cortisol, plus the decrease in a person’s glucose tolerance equals weight gain.

If you are fat you are more likely to skimp on your sleep and heap on the calories. Living a stressful lifestyle can make it harder for you to focus on your health, above all a commitment to stay on a diet and exercise program. Eating a healthy, reduced calorie diet and increasing the time you spend exercising is the best way to expend more calories than you take in to successfully lose your weight. Now diet and exercise are only part of the program and due to this recent research getting a good night’s sleep helps burns the same amount of calories as taking a two mile walk!

Under the Amazon Product Description it states that The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan is designed to help women who have been discouraged by their inability to lose weight by giving her tips and techniques to overcome stress, poor lifestyle habits and environment challenges that stand between her and a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation is a perplexing reality for many women faced with chronic daily stress or hormonal changes and to include fatigue, moodiness, and weight gain into the mix can cause additional emotional pressure with their careers and family life.

This book can help women put into practice simple health and lifestyle changes to improve the quality and the quantity of their sleep, and increase in their energy levels while alleviating many health concerns that are also important to achieving weight loss without restricting additional calories or increasing the amount of exercise. Dr.Breus has researched into the science behind the sleep – weight loss connection and explains exactly how sleep can boost your metabolism, increase fat burning and decrease food cravings and your overall appetite. He has a realistic plan of action to help you get your best sleep while getting your best body possible using ways to overcome sleep hindrances while using a nightly routine, stress management practices and even recipes for healthy snacks and meals. Healthy night time snacks can actually help you to fall asleep easy.

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So are you ready to stop tossing and turning night after night when you cannot sleep? Are you tired of fighting sleep in the afternoon? Have you given up on your diet because you haven’t found one that works for you? The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan has all the information, advice, plan of attack that YOU need to get the deep REM sleep to burn those calories and achieve a healthy, slimmer YOU.

About the Author

MICHAEL BREUS, PhD, D.ABSM, a.k.a. The Sleep Doctor™ is a clinical psychologist board certified in clinical sleep disorders. He is the sleep expert on WebMD and Sharecare and appears regularly on national television, including the Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, and The Rachael Ray Show. He provides expert advice and guidance in leading national publications and Web sites like the Huffington Post. He lives in Scottsdale, AZ.

The content provided in You are Fat and Cannot Sleep a Book Review: The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Lose Weight through Better Sleep is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for you or your families sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.

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