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Sleep and Marriage Sleep and Marriage Go Together Like a

Sleep and marriage Sleep and marriage
Go together like a house and a mortgage.
Go and ask your mother, you can't have one without the other.

Sleep and marriage Sleep and marriage
It’s the foundation for a happy pairing
The way to have a joyful life is to have a rested wife.

Try try try to separate them just adds stress.
Try try try and she’ll only sleep less

Sleep and marriage Sleep and marriage
Go together like a house and a mortgage.
Mother told my father you can't have one
No you can’t have none.
You can't have one without the other.

According to a study by the Sleep 2011, 25th anniversary meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Minneapolis, if your wife can’t fall asleep easy you are more likely to have marital problems. The research measured 35 healthy, married couple’s ability to fall asleep and the total each slept over a 10 day period. Couples kept a diary and recorded positive and negative reactions with their spouse. It was concluded that wives who have sleep difficulties affected the way they communicated to their spouse the next day. There are several studies that show sleep deprivation causes irritability and when you are irritated you are most likely to take it out on your spouse/partner. Sleep is found to be very important in the detriment of marriage quality.

When someone is sleep deprived they have a tendency to become frustrated easily and any situation can bring them over the edge. Lack of sleep can also be the basis on how they relate with their partner during the day as well. Stress and anxiety can cause anyone to toss and turn, but many women are more emotional when they feel there’s an added burden regarding their marriage, finances and raising children. Their mind is overloaded and their ability to relax enough to fall asleep is hindered.

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Every marriage has its challenges, see Sleep with an Open Marriage, but stress and lack of sleep can be affecting more than just your relationship. Dr. Oz reported that couples in stressful marriages are physically less healthy than those is a happy one. Unhappy couples compromise their immune system, have higher blood pressure and have faster heart rates which can lead to heart disease, arthritis and even cancer. Stress disrupts sleep in two ways. First, increased daytime stress reduces deep sleep, which results in lighter, more restless sleep. Secondly, stress responses that occur during the day over-activate arousal systems in the brain and raise stress hormone levels in the body, which can result in elevated nocturnal stress hormones. In other words, when you are stressed during the day, your stress hormones are not just elevated during the day; they are also elevated while you sleep, which is contradictory with sound, deep sleep.

For wives who had trouble going to sleep and getting enough deep sleep, their relationship with their partner turns substantially more negative than positive. For men who are sleep deprived, the study found there was little difference in how they related to their partner the next day. Women express themselves and tend to control the emotional environment of the couple’s relationship. When they don’t get enough sleep, they are more likely to express their stress through irritability and verbalize negatively. Though lack of sleep may only be a symptom other than stress in their marriage as they may be suffering from a medical condition or sleep disorder and should seek a physician’s care. Also it could be a result of how their partner sleeps such as snoring, sleep apnea or even stealing the covers.

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What if you can't sleep well with your spouse? You are not alone. Many married couples have problems sleeping together. If you are having difficulty getting a good night's sleep because of your spouse's sleeping habits, getting twin beds or in the case of snoring, separate bedrooms may be the best solution. See Couples Sleep Easy Together or Apart for more information.

There is great research on how lack of sleep causes harm to one’s health but there has been little focus on how it impacts relationships. Sleep is critical to our health and now through this new study it also appears to have an effect on our behavior in how we interact with each other.

The content provided in Sleep and Marriage Sleep and Marriage Go Together Like a is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for you or your families sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.

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