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Calcium Magnesium Zinc and Sleep

Did you know a hair analysis can determine why you can’t sleep at night? Balancing your physical chemistry is important to promote sleep and without sleep your body can’t heal itself. Calcium, magnesium and zinc are known as the sedative elements. They are needed to promote a relaxing nervous system and sleep does not come easy when their levels are too low causing muscle tension and irritability. Your hair analysis can reveal if your magnesium and calcium levels are elevated and low in relation to your sodium and potassium. This is identified as the four highs pattern which is associated with stress. A four lows electrolyte pattern reflects an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. Metal toxicity is common with a four lows pattern and as a result exhaustion is a symptom along with muscle cramps and anxiety due to the low levels of magnesium and calcium. High metal toxicity can also be measured by blood and urine tests as well as a hair analysis.

Some experts believe that taking calcium and magnesium with dinner and before bedtime can help a person fall asleep easy and if they wake up during the night they can take more to fall back to sleep. Dosage can be high; some suggest 1000mg of calcium and 600-700mg of magnesium daily. For a fast reaction find a chewable or liquid form. With low levels of magnesium and calcium people often have a copper imbalance that contributes to sleeplessness. Copper stimulates the brain causing the mind to race. People with high copper levels tend to stay up late at night and have difficulty falling to sleep as well as staying asleep. Copper levels can also be determined with a hair analysis. Reducing copper levels takes time and includes taking zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, GB-3 and maybe molybdenum. If you find they do not reduce your copper level discontinue usages as these vitamins and minerals can disrupt the body chemistry if taken over extended periods of time.

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People with low magnesium and calcium levels also need to reduce their physical and mental stimulation later in the day. Listening to relaxation CDs, doing mild stretching yoga exercises, deep breathing and/or meditation can be helpful before retiring. Try to avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol after 6pm along with medications that may interfere with sleep.

Ask your doctor if you can take you medication in the morning instead. In addition some vitamins and supplements can be stimulating; kelp, B-complex vitamins and vitamin C or E to name a few. While simulants can impair sleep, foods with tryptophan can enhance sleep. A late night snack with protein and calcium, like a warm glass of milk, might just be all you need to fall asleep easy.

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How do you recognize a person with a four low electrolyte pattern? There is definitely a personality tendency associated with this pattern as they are intense, driven, self-critical or critical of others. They work hard and don’t know how to relax. They love drama in their life and many are frustrated and cynical. These stress seekers many not even be aware of how their personality affects them or others. Over all they are negative and generally just very unhappy people.

Metal toxicity may be contributing to their personality tendencies and they need to address the four low pattern before focusing on the metal toxicity otherwise they use up so much energy it is difficult to eliminate the toxic metals. One must make certain lifestyle and attitude adjustments to respond to treating the condition. Precise nutritional correction along with the following supplement program is most helpful:

1. Calcium - 1800-2400 mg of elemental calcium in 3 divided doses. Excellent forms of calcium include calcium lactate, chelate or citrate.

2. Magnesium - 1000-1400 mg of elemental magnesium daily in divided doses with meals. Good forms are the citrate, chelate, lactate or glycinate.

3. Zinc - 40 to 140 mg of elemental zinc, depending on the Na/K ratio. If the ratio is greater than 2, give more zinc. If less than 2, give only about 40 mg daily in divided doses. Good forms of zinc are the chelate, picolinate or others.

4. Copper – give only if the Na/k ratio is less than 2.5 in a dose of about 3-4 mg/day of elemental copper in divided doses.

5. GB-3 from Endomet Labs in Phoenix, Arizona – 2 per meal or less if not tolerated well. GB-3 product can cause loose stools at first in some people. In this case, we use another product from Endomet Labs called Enz-aid.

These are animal-based digestive enzymes. This is often less stimulating than the use of enzyme formulas with Betaine Hcl-pepsin or fungal enzymes because ours use ox bile and pancreatin, which are more parasympathetic in their nature than some synthesized products such as Betaine with Hcl and pepsin.

6. L-taurine – 3 grams daily in 3 divided doses.

Optional products we use rarely:

7. Inositol/choline/methionine – about 600-1000 mg daily in 3 divided doses. This product is optional and often we do not include it to keep the number of tablets down or reduce the cost of the program.

8. Vitamin D – 2000 IU or more daily.

9. Fish oil or other source of omega-3 fatty acids, three capsules daily. This is added to everyone’s program as everyone can use these. However, they may be especially important with four low electrolytes as they may help the person calm down and relax more.(1)

Some people can sleep for hours and still do not feel refreshed upon wakening. This can be the effect of certain toxins on the brain that allow sleep but impair deep sleep. In this case a nutritional balancing program is needed to correct the body’s chemistry.

(1) Resource:

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