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Performance Sheets Sheex Review for Sleep Comfort Bedding

What are the best sheets on the market today? There have been many articles and advertisements lately on Sheex bedding. Sheex Inc. was founded by Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak, two former basketball coaches at the University of South Carolina. Susan Walvius graduated from Virginia Tech in 1986 a went on to coach Division I women’s college basketball for 21 years starting as an assistant coach at Bradley University and finished her career at the University of South Carolina in 2008. Michelle Marciniak graduated from the University of Tennessee, was an 11 year veteran of USA Basketball and was then the assistant coach for USC until 2008.

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Susan thought of putting athletes in anything cotton, but has found the latest performance fabrics to be softer and breathable as well as moisture and temperature controlled. That’s why she found that introducing these fabrics to bedding made the perfect sense. Michelle and Susan came together to incorporate these fabrics into their luxurious bedding line. Their Sheex mission is to provide active lifestyle consumers with a superior alternative to traditional cotton bedding. Their next generation products are designed to offer the finest in sleep and comfort. Their sleep comfort bedding is infused with the finest materials and performance benefits that consumers appreciate.

As you know your body’s temperature and sleep quality are closely related. Your body experiences a slight drop in temperature right before you fall asleep. Traditional sheets trap heat that can disrupt sleep while the Sheex performance fabric breathes better allowing your body to cool off enabling and maintaining optimum conditions for sleep.

As your quality and quantity of sleep improves so does your heart rate, mood, weight loss, energy levels and athletic performance. So Sheex sheets improve your overall health and well-being so you can achieve your top performance each and every day. Sheex are made from the same high-tech material as most of the worlds advanced athletic apparel, doing for your sleep what it does for those on the court, field and track. Their website states the performance sheets are soft and silky, offer a four-way stretch for unrestricted movement, plus breathe 50% better and transfer heat two times more effectively than traditional bedding for a deeper, more restorative sleep. The fabric, 82% Microfiber Polyester, 18% Lycra Spandex, wick moisture away from your skin (wick or wicking refers to technical fabrics that move sweat away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where it evaporates.) to keep you dry and comfortable. Easy to care for, like athletic wear, Sheex are fading, wrinkle and shrink resistant. To wash, simply use cold water and choose a regular cycle with no bleach or fabric softener and no fabric dryer sheets. Tumble dry on low, and don't worry about ironing. They dry three times faster than traditional bedding, meaning less time in the dryer.

Due to their four-way stretch the fitted sheets stay in place on all mattress types. Twin mattress size dimensions are 39” x 75” and Twin Extra-Long 36” x 80” (most beds in college dorms are twin extra-long) sets come with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and one standard pillow case. Full size bed measurements are 54” x 75” and dimensions of a Sheex Queen Set sheets are 60” x 80”. Full (Double) and Queen sheet sets fit mattresses up to 15” deep and include two standard pillowcases. How big is a king size bed verses a California king? King size is 76” x 80” and California king beds are 72” x 84” the set includes two king size pillowcases, 20” x 40”. The king flat: 108” x 102” and fits pillowtop and extra deep mattress up to 20 inches. Additional pillowcases are available separately. They come in Ivory, White, Pewter, Espresso, Khaki and Black. Mix and Match the colors. You can purchase Sheex direct from their website, other online retailers including Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond or in your local department store.

Can Sheex be the best sheets for you? Here are some Sheex sheet reviews from Amazon:

1) I purchased these sheets after reading many, many reviews. Most of them were positive, although few mentioned issues such as being too warm and being scratchy on your feet. I decided to invest the money and purchase them anyway...and I wish I hadn't. They are beautiful sheets and they feel very luxurious in your hands, but the issues that the few negative reviews mentioned were exactly what my problems were. The first night I used them I woke up with a huge sweat. I've never experienced that before with any sheet or comforter I've ever had. I don't really sleep cold, but I definitely have never woken up sweating. Also, the sheets were TERRIBLY scratchy on my feet. I take very good care of my skin - including exfoliating often and putting lotion on my feet every single night before bed - and these sheets made me feel like the skin on my feet was made of sandpaper. It bothered me so bad that I purchased a grinding stone and scrubbed my feet for 30 minutes - but it didn't help one single bit. I couldn't stand to move my feet at all with these sheets, and it drove me nuts.

On a more positive note, if you normally sleep very cold or are 100% positive that you have feet like a baby's bottom, you will probably really, really enjoy these sheets. I really wish I had liked them, and I really wish I

2) I have been sleeping on a set of white sheex for about three weeks. They feel a little cooler than cotton when I get into bed, but they do not build up or retain heat even after a few hours of reading. The fitted sheet has elastic all the way around the edge and the fabric stretches easily to fit my thicker than normal pillow top mattress. I have washed them four times in hot water with a high heat dryer cycle and there has been no loss in elasticity. I live in a desert climate but they do not build up static electricity, even fresh out of the dryer or when I sleep in a shirt made out of the same type of fabric. I use dryer sheets out of habit, but sheex don't retain fragrance like cotton and since the sheets are so soft to begin with, there's not much point. These sheets don't wrinkle at all and stretch to fit the mattress very snugly, making the bed look the same on wash day as when it was first made up.

The pillow cases are roomy and will stretch to fit pretty much any size pillow - this fabric is very, very elastic. If I were to spin the pillow over my head the pillow case would stretch to twice its length, but then snap back with no problems.

My only minor complaint is that, unlike cotton, the fabric sometimes snags on the sides of my feet where the skin is rough. Socks solved this. (or maybe a good pedicure) Overall, this is a good product for those who value quality sleep.

3) My husband was excited to try these sheets as he usually gets very warm at night. I too can sometimes get too warm at night so was interested to see how these would work for both of us.

-They are like soccer shirt material (if you like that).
-They seem to be made well, won't fall apart easily
-Have lots of stretch (great for tempurpedic beds)
-They seem to wick away warmth, the first night I felt cold
-I did get warm (but I did not sweat like cotton) the second night using these sheets
-My husband didn't notice enough of a difference to justify the price.

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-They are a strange heavy so they get caught up on you when moving
-Feel terrible on my feet, like I have sandpaper feet
-I think they smell terrible! I do have a sensitive nose so maybe not everyone will notice, but that polyester/spandex smell was gross to me.

Want to try Sheex for less before you buy a set of sheets? Purchase a set of king size pillowcases for $60.00 or a SHEEX Performance SLEEP-SAX for $80.00. Sheex Facebook page is also giving away a travel pillow for one lucky winner selected at random. You have to caption a photo of Michelle’s niece. But hurry it ends on 12/4/11. If you haven’t signed up at Bed Bath and Beyond you can receive a 20% discount on you first order that would give you $10.00 off a set of standard pillowcases.

The content provided in Performance Sheets Sheex Review for Sleep Comfort Bedding is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for you or your families sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.

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  2. I agree with all the cons above. I think sheex is overrated. I got them for a Christmas gift and my wife and I were surprised at how terrible they were. It made me sweat profusely, rubbed against my feet and was just horrible. And yes, they smell bad too!

  3. just got a pair of Sheex, wow they really smell, what is that aweful smell, they smell like rubber, never spent this much and now im really wishing i had not bought these, no wonder they are running them on special with a free pr of pillow cases. they smell really bad