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Sweet Slumber Sound Machine for Bedtime Separation Anxiety

Bedtime separation anxiety is common for children under three years of age. When they are eight or nine months, children realize that their parents are around even if they can’t see them, but their ability to feel safe and secure without them can develop until they are three to four years old. Many time your toddler will end up in your bed if they wake up during the night to assure themselves that you are there before they can go back to sleep. This can cause you to have lack of sleep because of the limited space in your bed. I know my granddaughters climb into my daughter’s queen size bed and because there are two of them and they flop about, her husband is the one that ends up on the floor. I’ve often suggested putting a small foam mattress or sleeping bag next to their bed so when they do come in they can sleep near you and everyone still can get a full, good night’s sleep. What tips and techniques are available to help? Sweet Slumber Sound Machine for bedtime separation anxiety can sooth and simulate the sounds a baby hears in the womb. This sleep aide offers 12 soothing sounds, including lullabies, nature sounds and white noise to help the child go to sleep easy and stay asleep throughout the night. The white noise can also block out noises in the house that may otherwise wake the child.

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You can even use the Mp3 plug-in to customize a playlist or record your own voice. There is a timer option which will automatically shut the sleep aide off after easing baby to sleep. It has a night light that will assure the child there is no boogie man in their room and is ideal for traveling as it can operate with an AC plug or batteries.

Amazon reviews for the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine, White:

1) We really love this sound machine...especially since you can play music right from your mp3 player. The sounds are VERY realistic too. In fact, our breastfed baby was only sleeping 2-2.5 hours at a time at night, but the first night we played the sound machine he slept 4 hours. Of course it could have been a fluke, but he's been sleeping better ever since. I would DEFINITELY recommend this product.

2) Bought this to help my 6 month old stop frequently waking whenever hearing the dogs barking, noise at night to get her to take longer naps and eventually sleep through the night. Well, she doesn't sleep through the night, but her naps went from 45 mins to an hour and a half! The dogs barking at the UPS man doesn't wake her up anymore. I can vacuum around the house when she sleeps; do dishes and carrying on a normal level of sound. Prior to this machine, I could not do that. We use the white noise for sleeping and play the music when she plays in her crib. Sound quality is nice. I haven't tried the Mp3 cable yet. I also like the night light for at night when I go in to soothe her I don't have to turn any lights on, just tap the top of the sound machine.

Other alternative tips and techniques to help prevent separation problems at night, when your child is between four months and a year old, give them a transitional object (like a blanket, doll or stuffed animal). Then when they wake up, having that object there will comfort them and help them go back to sleep.

Your baby may groan and move around, or even cry out during REM sleep. Wait a little before you go to them. If you want your baby to be able to sleep without your help, give them a chance to develop their inner ability to feel that they are safe and secure to fall asleep on their own. For more information see: Techniques for Bedtime Separation Anxiety. The content provided in Sweet Slumber Sound Machine for Bedtime Separation Anxiety is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for you or your families sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.
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