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Adjustable Beds aid Easy Sleep

In the last 30 years there are many choices when it comes to adjustable beds. People are looking for an alternative choice to the flat beds and want one that reclines, elevates and provides heat and massage options. Also adjustable beds aid easy sleep by alleviating acid reflux by elevating the upper body, provide comfort for those with back pain, osteoarthritis and multiple sclerosis. If you are looking to purchase an adjustable bed there are many reviews on line to provide information on the different brands and technology, because you are not only considering a new mattress but also the electric bed frame. Make sure you read reports about understanding adjustable beds and go to a sleep store to test different mattress choices. There are two types of mattresses for adjustable beds the coil springs and the air adjustable mattress as well as latex and memory foam which are flexible enough for an adjustable bed frame.

The following is an overview of the technical differences between various mattress choices including their sleep aide benefits.

Coil spring mattresses still rank the most popular as they dominate 80% of the market. First patented in 1865, the coil spring mattress differs from the adjustable bed mattress as it is able to bend into various positions. Unlike the flat mattress where the coils are connected together, an adjustable bed mattresses’ coils remain independent thus likely to transfer motion. The more expensive models have a layer of memory foam, latex or a pillow top. In some states the only government standard is a flammability test. Although a coil spring mattress may be the best value in today’s market, the coils can create pressure points especially with your shoulders and hips which can cause you to sleep restlessly.

Memory foam is made to be completely pliable, so it works on both a standard and adjustable bed frame. This mattress will mold to your body so there are no pressure points and is great for anyone with back pain. (I got a memory foam mattress pad topper for Christmas and I have degenerative disk disease, believe me it really helps me get up in the morning without any stiffness or pain.) There are many manufacturers that make a memory foam mattress, but Tempur-Pedic is one of the more well-known brands. Remember when looking at memory foam mattresses there are four factors that determine the quality of the product; the firmness of the foam should be between 2-6 lbs, the ILD rating also determines how hard or soft the material, the H.R. or resilience factor determines how fast the mattress bounces back and the tensile of the mattress shows how well it will stretch by the weight of the sleeper. It is very important to know the warranty and return policy of a mattress. Most manufacturers feel a 3-4 lb firmness is more commonly sold as cost greatly depends on the above four factors. A 5 lb mattress may have a 20 year warranty because it does have a longer lifespan. More information about the four factors on

When you first get your memory foam mattress it will initially have a chemical odor, but this will dissipate over time. Also make sure you have a terry cloth cover over your memory foam mattress, it not only helps keep your mattress clean, you will stay cooler by allowing air to move between you and the foam mattress.

Latex foam is a naturally ensuing substance made from the milky sap of the rubber tree and like memory foam can be flexible enough for both flat and adjustable beds, but is also hypo-allergenic. Mold, mildew and bacteria cannot live in latex and it is also very resilient to dust mites. Two major differences between memory foam and latex foam are; latex has no chemical smell and latex provides breathability which cools in the warmer weather and warms in the cool weather, as memory foam can retain body heat (the reason a terry cloth cover is needed).

There are also two types of latex foam; synthetic and natural and two types of blended synthetic foam; Talalay process and Dunlop process. The blended synthetic foam mattresses use approximately 60% synthetic and 40% natural latex and are primarily sold in the U.S. China makes synthetic foam mattresses that are less expensive and have a shorter lifespan. The most expensive is 100% latex as it doesn’t involve using toxic chemicals and can have a lifespan up to 30 years.

Air bed mattress is one mattress that is, itself, adjustable as you have the option to raise or lower an area of the mattress as well as the overall firmness. Please note that not all models of air mattresses are made for adjustable bed frames as most are used for camping. The air mattress composition consists of inner air chambers, four thick foam side rails that create the firm edge, a cover, a plastic or wood base, an electric pump and a remote control. The more expensive models have a pillow or memory foam pad. Most stores offer a 30 day return policy as this type of bed may require getting used to. An air bed helps people that need maximum circulation and reduction in pressure points therefore is widely used in the health care industry. The Self Adjusting Technology or SAT mattress uses no pumps, but an intake/release valve system to self adjusts to the patient’s weight. This mattress is also available for home use.

Dual adjustable air beds are recommended for couples as it allows each sleeper to control the firmness on their side of the bed by remote control. If more firmness is desired a memory or latex foam topper can be added. It is best to pay a little more for a quiet pump as less expensive models have air pumps that are very load and disturbing if your partner has to adjust the bed during the night.

Here is important information regarding electric adjustable bed frames:

An electric adjustable bed are electrically operated metal frames or bases where a mattress is places. When looking for an adjustable bed frame here are some features to consider; a quiet motor, a remote control (preferably programmable), backup power, built in massage and a wallhugger option that keeps the bed lined up with the nightstands when raised. If you have a king or queen mattress you may consider either a single or split frame to allow each person to adjust their side of the bed. A split frame could cost up to $1000 or more.

Hospital electric beds are designed with the patient in mind as they provide safety, comfort and assistants for those that are disabled or ill. They are available as fully electric (higher cost), semi-electric and manual (lower cost).

Tempur-Pedic has seven mattresses choices that range from $1499 to $5999 with widths from 8” to 14”. These mattresses can be used on flat or adjustable bed frames. Their adjustable bed frames have wireless remote controls and massage features. They also sell memory foam pillows for added comfort and support.

Craftmatic adjustable beds all sit on frames made by Leggett and Platt. They have four models to choose from; the Monaco, luxury model which comes with massage and heat options with high density foam or latex mattresses, other models I, II and III with III the least expensive has a coil spring mattress. To obtain more information about a Craftmatic you need to request a brochure from their website.

Sleep Comfort beds offer a variety of mattress choices such as coil spring, memory foam and latex. Manufactured out of San Diego, this company offers a maintenance program on their beds in all 50 states.

Select Comfort beds are the ‘Sleep Number’ beds that allow each person to adjust their side of the bed with their own firmness ‘number’. Not all mattress models come with an adjustable bed frame as this company touts their mattresses adjustable firmness, but frames can be purchased separately. Their mattresses’ inner core is an air bed that is surrounded by thick foam rails for support, covered in memory foam and enclosed in a mattress cover for additional comfort.

Other brands for adjustable beds are GoldenRest which provides models for both home and hospital use, Niagra, Serta, Sealy, Spring Air and Simmons that offer a wide range of sizes and models to choose from. The content in Adjustable Beds aid Easy Sleep is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for your sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.
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