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All I want for Christmas is a Good Nights Sleep

All I want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep!” Do you or someone you know suffer from lack of sleep? Do you want to find that special gift that will help your loved one get a good night’s sleep? A study done in 2009 stated that out of the 35% sleepless participants, 27% would stop social networking for a year, while 28% would rather have a lifetime of great sleep than a great sex life or even an unlimited supply of chocolate. 31% of men were more likely to choose a lifetime of great sleep verses 25% of women.

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The National Sleep Foundation did a poll in 2002 and found that 74% of adult Americans experienced a sleep problem, while 37% showed signs of narcolepsy due to sleep deprivation. So it doesn’t surprise me that many people are asking Santa for sleep related gifts. If you are out there shopping and you don’t know what to give your sleepless partner, friend or relative here are 20 ideas to help them fall asleep easy:

1. A White Noise Machine: The SleepMate Machine creates a consistent, smooth sound of rushing air. This white noise sound effectively masks unwanted noises and creates a sense of calm, making it easier to concentrate, relax and/or sleep. Customer reviews for MARPAC SleepMate 980A Dual Speed Electro-Mechanical White Noise Machine / Sound Machine For Sleeping at Home & Travel ** New Model ** + Sleep Mask

2. Sleep Music: 6 Nature Sounds: Ocean, Summer Night, Rain, Rain forest, Thunder or Waterfall. Wake to nature sounds, radio or alarm. Time projects on ceiling in soothing blue light. Create the perfect sleep environment. Customer reviews for HoMedics SS-4000 Sound Spa Classic Deluxe Clock Radio & Sound Machine with Time Projection

3. Sleep Mask and/or Ear Plugs: The Travel Eye Mask shuts out any light while earplugs which are also included makes for hours of uninterrupted sleep due to external noises. See product for Travel Sleep Eye Mask with Ear plugs

4. Memory Foam Mattress Topper: Increase sleep quality and personal comfort by adding one of these ventilated memory foam mattress enhancers to an existing mattress set. Customer reviews for Sleep Studio 2-Inch ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen.  Cost vary, for instance, a full vs queen size bed topper can be more due to the thickness, manufacturer and area in which you live.

5. Memory Foam Mattress Pillow/ Hops or Lavender filled pillow: My favorite memory foam pillow is the traditional softness of fiberfill but also the cradling comfort of memory foam, now you can have both with the 2 in 1 Bed Pillow. In fact I just bought one for 42.00 at Kohls, but you can find them for less. See product review for Serta 2-in-1 Memory Foam Pillow

6. Organic/Natural Sheets: Sleep for one night with these sheets and you'll forget completely that you are helping to save the planet. Customer reviews for Magnolia Organics Essentials Organic Cotton Sheet Set (Full)

7. Gift Card at a Mattress Store: Kmart is having a better than Black Friday Sale through 12/11/10.

8. Humidifier: Do you have a child that can't sleep because they are stuffed up from a cold or dry air? A humidifier can:

  • Provide relief for cough, cold and flu symptoms

  • Support easier breathing and congestion relief from allergy and asthmatic type symptoms

  • Provide moisture for dry coughs, sinus irritation, dry skin

Product description and customer reviews for Crane Adorable 1 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier, Penguin Shape

9. Tea Set with Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea, Sleepytime, 20-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)
decaf tea or Chamomile

10. Comfy non-constrictive pajamas

11. An IOU to babysit the kids overnight

12. A Boring Book or one related to sleep: How about reading a book that will help with your baby? The Baby Sleep Book by America's favorite pediatric experts turn their attention to solving babies' sleep problems in a definitive book that offers immediate results. A comprehensive, reassuring, solution-filled sleep resource, this guide shows parents how to match the nighttime temperament of their baby to their own lifestyle, and provides practical tools parents need to help the entire family sleep better. For more information on: The Baby Sleep Book: The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Rest for the Whole Family

13. Relaxing Bath Petals Naturals - French Alpine Lavender Bath Salts, 11 oz. (312 g)

14. Melatonin or other Herbal Supplement that aides sleep. One product review stated that they were a terrible sleeper. Despite several prescription sleep aids, they did not sleep. A doctor suggested going the natural route. takin time released 5mg melatonin and 500mg L Tryptophan. She now gets an average 4-5 hour per night of uninterrupted sleep! Before it only 2 hours or less and was wide awake. Not expensive and it works. Additional product reviews for Natrol Melatonin TR 5mg-100 Tablets

15. Foods that are rich in Tryptophan and natural sleep aid such as; turkey, tart cherries, seeds, nuts, eggs, cereal and milk.

16. A journal to record lucid dreams and sleep habits. See article on the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach it has a way to keep a sleep journal online while storing your actual sleep data.

17. Self-hypnotic tapes. Learn more about your P's and Q's for easy sleep with meditation and self-hypnosis. Deep Sleep with Medical Self-Hypnosis will offer you an alternative solution: clinically proven mind-body techniques. This easy-to-use program will help you achieve a good night's sleep and wake up feeling alert, alive, and refreshed.

18. Pearlydreams Sleep Enhancing Toothpaste is a natural sleep aid alternative to prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Discover this patented blend of Melatonin plus organic herbs delivered in a toothpaste. Why a Sleeping Toothpaste? "Toothpaste is an exceptional delivery system because the tissues in the mouth absorb ingredients into the body instantly. The natural ingredients don't need to be treated or coated to withstand the digestive process as a pill would, so I can use the purest forms of the herbs and maintain a precise balance for greatest efficacy.

19. Ocean Waves and Binaural Beats: 18Hz Beta Wave to 6Hz Theta Wave 5 Minute Entrainment Sweep and 6Hz Theta Wave 1 Hour Loop

20. Dreammate Sleep Inducer or a Silent Night Snore Terminator
(both worn on the wrist)

These gifts can range under $10 dollars to as much as $600+ for a king size memory foam mattress. If you do decide on a memory foam mattress topper make sure it has a terry cloth cover. The terry cloth cover will help circulate the air between the topper and the person’s body which will keep them cooler.

Sleep aides help but do not cure a chronic sleep disorder like sleep apnea. If the sleeplessness persists over a period of time it is advisable to see a physician as he may recommend a sleep specialist. Sleep apnea is usually determined through an overnight sleep study and requires treatment with a CPAP machine. Make sure you consult your doctor before taking any supplements as they may interfere with other prescribed medication or acerbate other medical conditions. The content provided in All I Want for Christmas is a Good Night's Sleep is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for your sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.
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