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Calming a Baby to Sleep

Your pregnant or just had a baby and you probably have read all the baby books available, but did you know that each cry a baby makes has a different meaning? A Sleep Easy has determined ways in calming a baby to sleep by understanding their cries. Overtime, you’ll recognize each cry as if it were a spoken word. The following are common reasons why your baby cries.

• I’m hungry…a baby wants to eat every three to four hours and especially when they just wake up.

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• I’m tired….rubbing eyes, decreased activity, yawning, irritable these are signs that it is time to go to bed.

• I’m uncomfortable…wet, hot and/or cold, they may squirm or arch their back when they cry as if trying to get away from the source of discomfort.

• I’m in pain…this cry is usually sudden and very loud and may include long cries with a pause during which they may stop breathing then catches their breath and lets out another long cry. Your baby is under duress and needs your full attention.

• I’m over stimulated….too much attention, too much noise and your baby closes their eyes to shut and turns away trying to avoid what is going on. It is time to find a quiet cozy place to calm down.

• I’m sick…your baby is crying softly and moaning as a way of saying “I don’t feel good”. Take the babies temperature and/or call your pediatrician.

• I’m frustrated….if your baby is trying to learn motor control and their body is not cooperating they will cry out in frustration. Help them learn how to accomplish their task.

• I’m lonely…if your baby falls asleep while feeding in your arms and wakes alone in their crib they may cry. Try to put your baby to bed before they fall asleep in your arm feeding. This way they will learn to fall asleep easy on their own and not rely on you to be there.

• I’m afraid…you left your baby in the care of a baby sitter or you mom and they can’t see YOU! Their playful cries will suddenly turn into cries of panic. Where is Mommy? Where is Daddy? Try to let the baby and the new caretaker get to know each other before letting them stay together alone.

• I’m bored…I’ve been sitting in my car seat for…ev…er while you have been visiting with your friends…I am hungry and uncomfortable! Try to keep him engaged in an activity with toys or settle them into a new position. Or just give them a change in scenery!

• I’m colicky…my digestive system is not mature enough for the food you are giving me. What can Mommy do? Mommy can breastfeed and avoid foods such as cabbage, broccoli and other vegetables that will cause the baby to have gas. Bottle feed with smaller meals or try different nipples that prevent air from entering the baby as they eat which will lessen gas and indigestion especially when they are sleeping.

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Not only can you find yourself with a fussy baby, you can get also get frustrated and nervous when trying to get your baby to sleep. If your baby is crying just hold them, as they find that being wrapped up in your arms can be quite comforting. You can also swaddle them in slings or front-pack carriers. Rocking, swinging, swaying or driving in a car can help them to fall asleep easy.

When the baby was in the womb they experienced many noises, try to incorporate familiar noises such a heartbeat, white noise or even a vacuum cleaner. Sooth your baby with lullabies or record your own song. Massage your baby as they loved to be touched, but keep your strokes rhythmic as this will help them fall asleep easy. Babies, especially newborn have a natural sucking instinct, so provide a pacifier, teething toy or even your pinkie which can work wonders as a means of comfort. Eventually you will learn your baby’s body language and avoid crying altogether especially early signals such as fussing, stiffening or rooting for a breast. As you get to know your baby and learn their signals you can give them what they need before they begin to cry.

As your child matures their need for a continued sleep routine will alleviate sleeping problems such as the child waking during the night and wanting to be rocked or coddled again to fall sleep. Some parents give into letting the child just sleep with them which is a hard sleeping habit to break. The best way to soothe a crying child to sleep, if all else fails, is to take them for a car ride or giving them a warm bath using aromatherapy like lavender or chamomile oil.

You want a sleep easy baby? Make sure their bedroom is cozy and warm (70 degrees). Do not use a memory foam pad in their crib until the child can lift their head. Memory foam pads can become too soft and will mold to the child’s body causing suffocation. Make sure if they suffer from colic to keep their head elevated. Try preparing them for bed by keeping a routine that includes a warm bath, a massage, swaddled, rocked, car ride, lullaby or even lay them on your stomach so they can feel and hear the familiarity of being in the womb. Many foods are known to have tryptophan an amino acid that causes drowsiness. Enfamil Nutramigen LIPIL has tryptophan and its hypoallergenic formula is easy to digest and has a balanced nutrition especially for baby’s first 12 months. The content provided in Calming a Baby to Sleep is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for your baby’s sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.
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