Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to Sleep Easy with Dreams

Did you know when we dream it helps us to retain what we have learned? In a recent issue of Current Biology researchers have reported that dreams are the brains way of processing, assimilating and understanding new information. If you are trying to learn a new task try taking a nap or go to bed earlier that way when we dream it will help us learn and solve problems. How can we fall asleep easy in our bedroom? Attempt to eliminate any noise as this may negatively influence the length and quality of your dreams. Turn off the television, shut down your computer and stop playing video games. If you can’t control external noises like barking dogs or noisy neighbors use a fan, ear plugs or the Sheep of Your Dreams Sleep Aide Kit to drown out these night time sleeping interruptions.

The Sheep of Your Dreams sleep kit is a new sleeping aid from AcousticSheep, LLC which offers a drug-free solution to help encourage a good night’s sleep without any risk of side effects. A pair of SleepPhones, a soft and cuddly SleepPhones Sheep, the Dreams CD, and a lavender sachet are all included in this sleeping aid system. All of these components work together to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and guide you into a restful sleep. Created by a physician, the SleepPhones are nestled inside a fleece headband and will block out external noises while playing soothing music from the accompanied Dreams CD. You can also plug your MP3 player into the SleepPhones and tuck the MP3 player into the back pocket. The lavender sachet helps with sleeping problems such as insomnia, anxiety and nightmares.

We have many dreams throughout the night, in fact, we dream about every 90 minutes with each cycle of dreaming being longer than the last. Have you every woken up to a dream and wish you could remember it? You can by staying very still and remain in a semi-dreamlike state. Once you move your body you disconnect yourself from the dream. Many people can even control their dream which is known as lucid dreaming. Dr. Kelly Bulkeley, a dream researcher reports that this technique is useful for people who suffer from recurring nightmares. When you learn to be aware that you are dreaming you can change the outcome by avoiding or standing up to what is haunting you. Lucid dreams enhance your ability to learn and help you to fall asleep faster. When you lay down at night remember your last lucid dream and you will quickly fall asleep.

Keeping a dream journal is a good way to record your dreams and it is fun to try to understand their meaning. For instance, a dream about losing your teeth might mean you need to pay attention to the way you communicate with others. Dreams are report cards from the psyche, clues to how our consciousness and unconsciousness is handling the events of our waking life. Understanding their nightly messages helps us more successfully navigate our daily activities.

A lack of restful sleep each night can seriously affect a person’s ability to carry out their daily responsibilities. Drowsiness, difficulty focusing, and low energy levels are among the negative effects that can result from poor sleep patterns.

When trouble sleeping becomes a constant problem, some people choose to turn to prescription drugs or over-the-counter sleeping aids. While sleep aid medications used to treat insomnia and chronic sleeping problems may be helpful under certain circumstances and a doctor’s care, they are associated with potential risks, including dependence and tolerance when used over a period of time. For this reason, natural sleep aids alternatives, such as the Sheep as You Dream sleep kit is a great way to encourage a good night’s sleep without any risk of side effects which may interfere with your ability to dream. Some medications can dampen our REM activity, dull our dreams, and interfere with dream recall. Others stimulate vivid dream activity and can impede your lucid dreaming efforts. It's amazing how strongly even the smallest dosage of a medication can influence your dreams or interfere with lucidity. If you're a dream enthusiast or if you are learning how to become lucid in your dreams, be sure to ask your doctor what effect any medication might have on how to sleep easy with dreams.  The content provided is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.
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