Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sleep Aide: Acupuncture

For people that use Botox, Dermal fillers or inject Human Growth Hormones are used to getting pricked by needles. On occasion, others use needles for medical reasons such as taking blood samples and receiving medications. A lot of us especially children are afraid of needles even though they are beneficial to our health. Ancient medication uses hair like thin needles known as acupuncture which is a safe and natural way to cure illness, prevent disease and improve general well-being. These thin needles are placed into specific points in the body to trigger a healing response.

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Since the Stone Age in China, the first acupuncture tools were stone knives and pointed rocks, later replaced by bamboo and slivers of animal bone. The Shang Dynasty used bronzed casting techniques to make metal needles which conducted electricity. The Chinese thought this electricity was internal energy or ‘qi’ that led to the meridian system or ‘channels’ of energy throughout the body by harmonizing the body’s energy to induce the healing process of both the body and the mind.

Today in the United States and other Western nations find that acupuncture has become a popular alternative therapy for a variety of ailments from headaches, arthritis, digestive problems, infertility and even as a sleep aide for those with sleep disorders such as narcolepsy or sleep walking.

There are over 50 million Americans alone that suffer from some sort of sleep disorder including insomnia, daytime restlessness, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. To avoid taking sleeping pills for fear of dependence many of these people try to find an alternative method to get enough sleep. Many times adjusting a person’s sleep/wake cycle and proving tips and techniques by making lifestyle changes is enough to remedy their sleep problems. Others need more than lifestyle changes to adjust internal imbalances of the internal organs also known as the zhang-fu. Stress and worries from everyday life cause many to toss and turn every night when they go to bed as these people are unable to quiet their mind long enough to fall asleep. Disorders of the zhang-fu also can lead to awakenings during the night and usually at the same time every night. I went through a period myself were I woke every night around 4am. Oriental physicians have found that performing acupuncture through channels in the abdomen, the pulse and the tongue can properly treat and help adjust zhang-fu.

Modern physicians are taught little about helping people with sleep disorders other than prescribing medication unless they are specialized in this field of study and practice in a sleep clinic. Unfortunately, sleeping pills have side effects and have addictive properties that help relieve a sleep disorder, but they do not help with the cause or the cure and that is why so many try to find a natural safe alternative method. Using acupuncture for sleeping problems can help treat insomnia with a long-lasting solution to decrease stress hormones and achieve a deep calm for a peaceful night’s sleep. Also, acupuncture can bring balance to the nervous system.

Even in today’s modern world filled with new technology acupuncture has come a long way and is still considered a wonder treatment after two thousand years as an alternative therapy for health related issues including sleep disorders.
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