Saturday, April 3, 2010

How to Sleep in the Car Really Fast

Every year when I was younger my parents would take us on our annual family trip. We always drove and would try to get to our destination the first day which meant a lot of hours in the car. I would have to share the back seat with my younger brother, so trying to sleep some of the time away was a bit difficult. Today with the economy many people are on the road for spring break because air fare cuts into the cost of thier vacation. Long car trips that last longer than six hours requires some needed rest for the driver(s) as well as the passengers, but what if you can’t get to sleep in the car really fast? Here are some ideas to help:

First of all you need to feel safe with whoever is driving the car. If you are comfortable enough with the driver enough to sleep while the car is moving that is great otherwise, if the driver is also sleepy pull into a rest area or hotel parking lot and take a quick nap. 20 to 30 minutes should be enough to reenergize your mind and body to continue the trip. If you are in the front seat recline it at an angle that feels best for you. Take a head rest, sleep pillow or bedroom pillow to support your head. A blanket is also good especially for the children as it will make them feel safe and secure while the car is moving. Try not to fall asleep against the door as any fast movement or bump in the road will jolt you awake or you might even hit your head. Note: even though you are not driving you must keep your seat buckled at all times in the front seat and some states require a seat belt for adults in the back seat as well. If the shoulder strap is bothering you try to adjust it for a better fit.

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As you travel the sun may be at different sides of the car. Those that are in the sun are warmer than the others, so keeping the car at a temperature that everyone is happy with is sometimes difficult especially if you are driving south and the temperature outside is getting hotter. To get to sleep it is better to be cooler than warm so you might have to use the air conditioner than rolling down the window. If the car is cooler than you like use your jacket or a blanket if you want to be warmer.

So it is almost your turn to drive and you want to take a quick nap but you’re not feeling tired. Some people can read in a car while some get car sick. Sometimes reading in a moving car can make you sleepy. Stretch out as much as possible as driving in a car can make your muscles cramped. Find a comfortable position, close your eyes and just concentrate on the vibrations of the car. You’ll be asleep before you know it. Finally let the driver know you are going to sleep for a bit so he can focus on driving as some people find it hard to drive while they are the only ones awake. If that is the case the best bet would be to stop and let everyone sleep in the car really fast before proceeding on your journey. It is better to be safe than sorry. Have a great spring break and Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Thanks! I hope this will help I'm 11 and in 4 weeks I'm going on a really long trip which is 11 hours and 44 minutes. We we are leaving at night. :D xD

  2. Im 13 and going on a 14 hour trip to Canada. This will help
    Tanks :P