Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Valerian Root to get to Sleep Fast

Valerian Root originally came from Europe, South Africa and parts of Asia and has been used as a medical herb since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. Valerian Root has been used for other medical conditions besides a sleep aide. In Germany, it is used to calm down children with ADHD and other cultures it was used as a perfume. Valerian is a perennial flowering plant with big pink and while sweet odorous flowers.

We use the root of the plant and crush it to make a tea or in a pill form. The problem with drinking Valerian tea is that some of the weaker oils are boiled out and the tea losses some of its potency, but not its odor, so generally it is taken in a capsule. Valerian Root as a sleep aide is a natural herbal supplement that came to North America in the last few decades. Almost every company claims to have the best formula to help you get to sleep. With the internet, supplement companies have flooded the market. New ways to use Valerian Root has been tested and research has found that people use it to treat insomnia.

Valerian Root acts by interacting with neurotransmitters in the brain tricking us to release chemicals that make us fall asleep. There are other supplements known to do the same thing, but are not as effective. Clinical trials have been conducted with Valerian preparations and the results claimed that Valerian was most effective in inducing sleep fast.

Valerian goes by other names such as; Wild Valerian, Blessed Herb, Capon’s Tail, Garden Heliotrope, German Valerian, Tagara, Setwall, Vandalroot and All-Heal. The active compounds in Valerian Root are valepotriates, which have recognized sedative properties and considered useful for individuals with insomnia. Valerian also acts as a muscle relaxant, controls hypertension and helps calm an overactive mind. Other uses for Valerian Root are stress disorders, neck and shoulder tension, TMD, incontinence, phobias, ADHD and epilepsy

One note, although Valerian Root is a powerful natural sleep aide, pain reliever and muscle relaxer; some people experience a Valerian ‘hangover’ if used over an extended period of time which may result in a mild depression. On rare occasions it has been known to excite people making it more difficult for them to fall asleep. Recommended use of Valerian Root is on a short term basis and only for those suffering from insomnia. Valerian Root is also combined with other natural herbal supplements such as; hops, passionflower extract and catnip.
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